MAC Newsletter

The MAC Newsletter's primary mission is to share information about archival happenings in the Midwest and to promote through that sharing the archival services we bring to our constituents. Advocating the importance and value of archives in the Midwest lies at the core of MAC's existence and its newsletter supports that.

The newsletter is published by the MAC Newsletter Editorial Board, a standing committee which publishes the MAC Newsletter as a quarterly publication concerned with providing regular means of information and communication about MAC members. The Editorial Board consists of five to seven members including the Newsletter Editor, who will also serve as Board chair, and one member of Council. The Public Information Officer and Membership Coordinator will be full members of the committee by virtue of their office.

Each issue includes the following sections along with feature articles:

  • Archival Resources on the Web
  • Electronic Currents
  • MAC News
  • Mixed Media
  • News from the Midwest
  • People and Posts
  • Preservations Essentials
  • Up-And-Comers

Newsletter submission deadlines:

Issue Number Submission deadline Publication date (approx.)
46.1 180 1 May 2018 1 July 2018
46.2 181 1 August 2018 1 October 2018
46.3 182 1 November 2018 1 January 2019
46.4 183 1 February 2019 1 April 2019

The newsletter also publishes paid advertisements and job announcements. Please contact the editor for additional information.

Articles and columns for the newsletter are all written on a voluntary basis. Please use the MAC style guide for all submissions. The MAC Newsletter is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License. If you are interested in writing for the newsletter, please contact any of the following board members.


Editor: Eric Willey (2017-2019)
Special Collections and Formats Cataloger
Illinois State University
(309) 438-7447
Email: [email protected]


Archival Resources on the Web

Jolie Braun [email protected]

Electronic Currents

Sarah Dorpinghaus [email protected]

Mixed Media

Becca Smith [email protected]

News From The Midwest

Alexandra Bisio (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio) [email protected].

Lois Hamill (Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, Wisconsin) [email protected].

People and Posts

Matt Gorzalski

Preservation Essentials

William Modrow [email protected].


Meredith Lowe [email protected]



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