Midwest Archives Conference Council's Antiracism Statement in Support of the AAPI Community

The Midwest Archives Conference stands in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community within MAC, the Midwest, and the nation. Over the past year, the United States has experienced a dramatic rise in discrimination, hate crimes, and violence against those of Asian descent, including the heartbreaking murders of eight individuals—six of whom were Asian women—by a white male domestic terrorist that took place in Atlanta on March 16, 2021.

These acts illustrate why we must dismantle white supremacy in our country and push past reactionary nationalism. Asian culture is not an amusement. Coronavirus is not the “Chinese flu.” Asian women are not a fetish. 

Archives can be a force for opening dialogues around the history of such racism and misogyny. Archives can spotlight the damaging effects of hate, bias, erasure, and violence to society. Archives can battle systemic racism and xenophobia by providing context for predominantly white institutions in U.S. society.

Stop Asian hate now. Check your privilege. Offer your support. Be a resource. Serve your community in an ethical and compassionate manner.

Here is a select list of national and local resources for AAPI folks and for others to support the AAPI community:

Unanimously passed on March 25, 2021