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 Subject : S702: Transforming Access and Promotion Through the Digital Public Lib.. 04/29/2019 03:44:59 PM 
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Subject :S702: Transforming Access and Promotion Through the Digital Public Library of America

Richard Adler, Coordinator, Michigan DPLA Service Hub
Amy Cooper Cary, Head of Special Collections, Marquette University
Molly Huber, Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Digital Library
Erik Nordberg, Dean of Libraries, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) provides an innovative platform to expand awareness and encourage use of archival collections across the MAC region. Speakers discussed sharing digital objects with a national audience and explored the impact of participating in a DPLA hub. DPLA is transforming archives through technological change, and collaboration with DPLA improves discoverability and accessibility, expands the digital representation of diverse communities, creates value across the network and encourages the use of historical materials by a wide range of scholars, teachers, students, and the general public.

Speakers discussed projects and collaborations across three states. A project underway at Wayne State University to digitize collections from under-served communities included a new statewide digital portal for the Michigan Hub and educational tools for cultural content. Marquette University's representative discussed collaboration and the consultant network for the Wisconsin Hub, working to assist smaller repositories to build capacity and engage digital projects. Finally, the Minnesota Digital Library focused on its premier project, Minnesota Reflections, encouraged new uses of digital collections and assists organizations of all sized to increase capacity for digital literacy.

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