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 Subject : Session 402: Elbow Grease and Flexibility: Practical Insights from Mig.. 04/26/2017 06:29:10 PM 
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Subject :Session 402: Elbow Grease and Flexibility: Practical Insights from Migrations Big and Small (#s402)

Some institutions are migrating to their second (or maybe third or more) digital preservation environment. Some may be migrating their digital objects to a collection management system for the first time, while others are tackling the migration of content from obsolete media. Some may be dealing with a combination of all the above, depending upon the type of digital materials involved. What do we need to know, as we roll up our sleeves, to migrate our digital materials? As we move deeper into the twenty-first century, our profession has matured enough that we no longer panic when we hear the “D-word.” What are some of the lessons learned and rudimentary best practices to carry out a practical, feasible, and workable digital migration? Join five of your colleagues for a discussion of migrations big and small, from a home-grown system to a vendor-based platform or open-source project, from one vendor-based platform to another, or from obsolete media and exotic devices. We will bring our experiences of working on digital migration projects, sharing our insights on the scoping of projects, developing and implementing project plans, developing and refining workflows, and engaging administrators, developers, fellow archivists/curators, and other colleagues throughout the process.

  • Laura Alagna, Northwestern University: Optimized for mobile: Migrating data extracted from mobile devices to preservation formats
  • Stephanie L. Bricking, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County: Migration for Access: Lessons Learned from Moving Wiki Collections into CONTENTdm
  • Sarah Dorpinghaus, University of Kentucky: Tiered: UK Libraries’ Approach to Migrating Born-Digital Content
  • Lori Meyers-Steele, Berea College: Elbow Grease and Flexibility: Just What Our Multifaceted Migration Project Needed
  • Daniel W. Noonan, The Ohio State University: MOM: Master Objects Migration Planning at tOSU

 MAC17-ElbowGreaseFlexibility.pdf [5366 KB] : Elbow Grease and Flexibility: Practical Insights from Migrations Big and Small Handout
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