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 Subject : I Jumped In, Now What?! Keeping your Head above Water with Born-Digita.. 05/06/2016 01:41:14 AM 
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Subject :I Jumped In, Now What?! Keeping your Head above Water with Born-Digital Materials

This session will highlight how four different repositories—all community and university archives of various sizes—are addressing the challenges and opportunities uncovered by their participation in SAA’s Jump In program. Jump In is an initiative put forth by the SAA Manuscript Repositories Section to encourage and assist archivists and their institutions to stop waiting and to “jump in” to managing born-digital content. Panelists will address the full range of post–Jump In “next steps,” including establishing priorities for born-digital records and maintaining momentum as a lone arranger; integrating and describing previously unaccounted-for media; remediating records whose “preservation” consisted solely of migration to fragile media; actively digitizing surveyed media for preservation; and searching for appropriate access tools when open source solutions may (or may not!) be supported at your institution. Each panelist will discuss the decision-making process that supports their activities and how it addresses institutional context and constraints, while highlighting strategies applicable in a variety of repositories. This session is geared for archivists with no experience to some in managing digital materials.

Attached are instructions for creating a bootable version of BitCurator mentioned in Erin Dix's presentation.

Link to slides from the session:

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