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 Subject : Managing the Syncopations of Socially Connected Collections.. 06/10/2014 09:39:54 AM 
Colleen Theisen
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Use of social media in archives is expanding beyond the tried-and-true blog or Facebook page into an increasing number of channels such as Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram and is therefore increasingly incorporating new partners in this landscape. Looking outward, libraries, museums, and even university marketing teams are increasingly collaborators in our social media endeavors. Inside our collections, the workflow may now incorporate staff members from different departments, student
workers, volunteers, and even media teams for creating content. How do we seek out and integrate collaborators across departments or institutions? How do we effectively craft a clear identity with so many competing interests? How do we communicate our goals and expectations as we expand to a team of content creators? Three panelists will discuss their roles in successful social media management in government, college, and university collections and how they manage to maintain a clear voice with multiple partners and content creators.
Janet Carleton, Ohio University
Robert Garrett, Archives of Michigan
Sasha Griffin, Luther College
Colleen Theisen, University of Iowa

[Attached presentation from Colleen Theisen has been slightly adapted from the presented version, adding a bit of explanatory text to help fill in some of what was said about the images]

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