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 Subject : 2015 - Appraising Big Data: A Multi-Institutional Conversation.. 05/12/2015 07:15:05 AM 
Daniel Noonan
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Many efforts to formulate best practices and methods for curating datasets through their life cycles have arisen in response to discussions of so-called big data, and not only to exponential amounts of data from computational science, but also from such fields as genomics, physics, and archaeology. As if the specter of big data is not enough to frighten archivists and data curators alike, amid reports that data is being lost at alarming rates, we are warned that the explosion of data will relentlessly continue. As the deluge of scientific, medical, social science, and institutional data grows, the need for archival appraisal only increases. Indeed, appraisal has an important role to play as researchers begin managing their data and institutions develop data curation services in response to federal directives and funding agency requirements. Preserving all data would not only be costly and impractical, but also unnecessary. Archivists and data curators are well positioned to collaborate with researchers and data-store managers to develop appraisal criteria by gathering input from stakeholders and assessing resources. Such criteria must also consider the dual value of data for both reproducible research and humanistic study, requiring us to rethink how we can appraise and preserve resources that meet a multiplicity of research needs.

While appraisal criteria may vary across institutional contexts, what commonalities can we identify within academic, corporate, nonprofit, and government environments to help us standardize appraisal and selection policies?

What steps can we take to promote the quality and use of big data, especially to promote applications across different institutions and disciplines?

Chair: Daniel W. Noonan, The Ohio State University

  • Bethany Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Carly Dearborn, Purdue University
  • Erik Moore, University of Minnesota
  • Mark Myers, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Shannon Terry, Nationwide
  • Stephen Yerka, Open Context & University of Tennessee

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