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 Subject : Social Media Crash Course: Social Media 101.. 05/12/2015 07:08:52 AM 
Abigail Nye
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It’s not a secret that social media is popular and special collections have an audience ready to engage with collections in a virtual environment. Librarians and archivists understand the “why” of social
media, but the “how” can feel daunting in the face of limited resources and skeptical administrators.
This session is a “how-to” crash course on connecting with users where they already work and play on social media. Adriana Cuervo will moderate. Abigail Nye will kick off the session with Social Media 101 for the novice eager to dive in, but overwhelmed by the steps necessary for launching a social media presence. She will begin with an overview of the social media terrain: what’s out there, what works for special collections, and how to start.
Ashley Gosselar will take things up a notch, catering her presentation to you who are familiar with the basics but looking for creative ideas for expanding your social media reach. You’ll learn how to manage growing campaigns through workflows realistic to your institution. The session will conclude with Colleen Theisen, who will demonstrate the advantages and outcomes of advanced social media use for you in the audience ready to roll up your sleeves and take some risks. Where is social media headed in special collections, what tools are on the horizon, and what do you do when you go viral?

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